VIDEO: Particular Holiday Traditions from Around the Globe

Take a look at some unique holiday customs from all over the globe brought to you in part with my friends at Skype.

Christmas is a special time for the family and as a traveler, I’m always interested in customs from other nations. Some of my buddies from all over the globe wanted to share their favorite customs you with all via Skype. First is Anton from the Philippines telling us about the colorful Giant Lantern Festival that takes place each year via a Skype Video Call. He sent a gallery of photos to me .

VIDEO: Particular Holiday Traditions from Around the Globe

My buddy Jerry from Finland called me on Skype Mobile to share his own fond memories of visiting the sauna at his parents’ home near the Russian border on Christmas Day.  Then I was sent a Skype Video Message about hiding brooms from witches throughout Christmas by Erik from Norway.

VIDEO: Particular Holiday Traditions from Around the Globe

Later my friends Diana and Valentina from Italy Obtained on a Skype Group Call with me to Describe who Befana the witch Is and the Way she Renders stocking stuffers for good kids on the eve of 3 Kings Day (Jan. 5-6th)

Lastly, Nelly from Austria and my buddies Mike made a few Skype Highlights to show me how they depart snacks like fruits and chocolates from sneakers for every other on Christmas.

Personally, I love spending some time. We open presents on Christmas morning, put out cookies and milk for Santa, and decorate the tree.

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What are some of YOUR unique holiday traditions?