6 Cities When Traveling Japan, You Have to Watch

Japan is undeniably one of the countries in the world. Historic roots and its rich tradition are widespread throughout the still-existing traditional towns, spotted in between the cities that are technologically innovative.



There’s neon lights round the heavens in the bustling centres of the larger districts and the new you choose to go to, with historical temples and gardens thriving from the depths of mountains and parks, and also a nutritious balance of the old. Here are six of the places when you are travelling through Japan.



It’s considered the cultural and historic centre of Japan, and for great reason. Kyoto summarises the basis of the country in 1 city — with plenty of zen Buddhist gardens along with temples available in its quietest regions, you are also able to immerse yourself in the vibrance of their centre’s street markets and city lights. Think about visiting the Kiyomizu-Dera Temple, the magnificent 8th century UNESCO World Heritage Site that sits around exactly the exact same site as the Otowa Waterfall, hence its title which reads”Property Water Temple” once interpreted. It’s a tourist hotspot meaning that it’s considerably busy all year round, but the monogamous zen that the temple exudes using its religious roots is potent enough to distract you.


Where you could spot a geisha at the evenings, then there’s the Shirakawa River flowing calmly next to side streets, the town’s centre. The old-world charm of Kyoto gives a relaxing and warm energy, with cherry blossom trees lining the town’s lanes and the Arashiyama district providing one of the very intimate marketplaces in the world with its homemade ceramics sold from converted houses. You may decide to dine from an geisha — it is not affordable, but it is definitely! Kyoto is the core of Japan that overflows having a welcoming and calming energy.

6 Cities When Traveling Japan, You Have to Watch


Not far from Kyoto is Takayama, a city stowed out in the Hida Mountains (also referred to as the Western Alps). It’s a quiet and scenic alternative to the nearby city that is larger, sitting comfortably in the countryside away from the masses of tourists. It’s definitely worth visiting in the winter since the city is caked with a fresh, weatherproof layer of snow, and as you ride the Wide View Hida train through the mountains to arrive, you’ll be able to watch some of the very naturally stunning scenes from the whole of Japan.

When you finally arrive which you start to unlock its whole potential, it is. In a similar vein to Kyoto, there’s an assortment of ancient temples which you are able to see — that the Higashiyama district is where you will find Teramachi, the temple city, and there’s a stroll you can follow through the region which will even direct you to Shiroyama Park. From the centre of the town, you will find restaurants which are famous throughout the country due to their quality, and natives drifting beyond the morning markets which sell fresh produce through the streets. Takayama is where you will discover the best Hida beef and sushi and with all the tastes. Make your way through Sanmachi, the old city of Takayama. It’s a number of the best restaurants in the whole location, in addition to full of craft shops and Edo architecture. Don’t be afraid to try out some Sake it is Japan’s national drink, usually served cold but alongside it with hot choices on offer. The breweries that serve it are frequented by locals to the caliber, so don’t be afraid to mingle together!  

6 Cities When Traveling Japan, You Have to Watch

It’s notorious for being the first city in the world to be hit during World War 2. In the wake of such a horrendous assault, Hiroshima has become a place that the Peace Park, Peace Museum and the Peace Memorial are frequented by tourists who want to learn more about the events. Even though it comes with a history, Hiroshima has become a city full of hope and love. Naturally, it goes without saying that paying a trip is going to be a sobering encounter go if you know you can deal with the influx of feelings that it will trigger.

Its effects continue to be widespread in their way of life, Even though the people of Hiroshima have decided to move on from the bombing. As previously mentioned, the Peace Memorial and provide an insight to what happened exactly on the wake, in addition to that day and Museum are available to tourists. You will find that the messages within the memorial represent the attitudes of their city itself — that they encourage forgiveness and peace instead of grudges and anger, which might be regarded as an adapted form of this Buddhism that widely practiced throughout the country. The Atomic Bomb Dome stands as a symbol of pride and strength instead of to bring back memories, its jagged frame. If you would like to know how Japanese culture has been born, Hiroshima is your point.


6 Cities When Traveling Japan, You Have to Watch

Boasting an impressive eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it is clear to see that Nara has lots to offer concerning spectacle. Rich to a number of the most impressive temples in the country, Nara is another treasure that is hidden which you’ll want to go back to time and time again. It’s a city like no other — you will see countless deer wandering alongside the locals, fully domesticated and not in any way fearful of existence, as you roam the streets. Because they drift by, you can pet them, and there’s little stalls dotted around that sell food for you to hand feed them.

6 Cities When Traveling Japan, You Have to Watch

Although it’s a exciting and special experience, there’s a great deal more to see and do in Nara. The Great Buddha is the most famous monument in Japan, rivalling even Mount Fuji in its own importance. It is placed in the Todai-ji Temple, and it is equally as impressive as it is also home to the world’s largest wooden structure in the top Diabutsu-den’s shape. Temples are dotted all around the town, and you will feel as in case you’ve gone back in time, as you wander down the side streets. It’s definitely one of, if not the very traditional location in Japan, so if you’re looking for a different traveling adventure, Nara will it optimal.

If you would like to go totally off the radar whilst still traveling Japan, Ishigaki is your place to get it done. A secluded island rich with coves beaches and waterfalls, the area is worlds away from any indication of ordinary life, instead feeling as a tropical harbor. Ishigaki’s principal city is not anything to write home about, being a little area on the south which hosts several different pubs, restaurants and hotels — the standard. Japanese people themselves have picked Iskigaki as their permanent dwelling within the larger and suburban towns, and you’re going to see that the island’s locals are friendlier and more welcoming than those found elsewhere in the country, probably because of precisely how calm a location it is. You will discover that it’s easy to strike up a conversation with anyone, and you might even be provided with meals and gifts!

Measure from civilisation, yet, and that’s where you will discover the allure of the island. You are absolutely totally free to do whatever you need in the park of nature, if that be paragliding through the air above turquoise waters that are pristine or in which the Western wildlife is still teeming, scaling through forests. Ishigaki will become your personal heaven which you’ll be unwilling to give up, although you will find it really hard to believe that a place like this exists in a country like Japan.

6 Cities When Traveling Japan, You Have to Watch

There’s no way without passing through the capital city, it’s possible to go to with Japan. Tokyo is the most exciting and busiest location in the whole country, when it comes to determining what to do and you are spoilt for choice. There’s the vibrant city centre, full of bright lights and big crowds, with different districts that offer distinct encounters — Akihabara is also called the electric city due to its abundance of gadgets and technology, whereas Harajuku is your trendy, hip location for trend. You might observe teenagers from the region sporting cosplay, at which they dress as their favorite anime or movie characters.

It’s an exciting city to say the least, but not everywhere in Tokyo is indeed dynamic — see one of the many sacred temples and gardens which lie around the outskirts and you can decide to escape the crowds. The cultural value of Tokyo was maintained through hundreds of years Even though it’s a area and still thrives to this day. The Imperial Palace is the best example of this, since it is home to Japan’s Emperor! This usually means that many of the area is obviously off-limits, but tours can be achieved of a section of the inner compound. Then there’s the food, also the funding of being Japan means that the city has one of the most varied ranges of cuisine from the country. It’s the ideal place to present yourself to the Western lifestyle in every manner, with tons of unique experiences to soak up. Tokyo is the place to go, if you are a first-time visitor to the country.