What to Watch in 1 Day in Lyon, France

Plenty of French stereotypes are wide of the mark.

Discovering Lyon

Whether it’s a onion pedlar biking through cobbled roads or a insufferably surly waiter banging crab’s legs on the table’s image, our cousins enjoy something of a reputation around the planet.

What to Watch in 1 Day in Lyon, France

Passage Thiaffait

Parc de la Tête d’Or

In fact, France is a cultural epicentre, giving birth to a number of the world’s most celebrated artists and also home to countless architectural beauties such as The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Sacré-Cœur along with the Palace of Versailles…

Get Your Bouchon

… but what about its cities less travelled?

Lyon is the third biggest city in France (it is about 300 miles from Paris) and is perhaps best known for its very own historical and architectural attractions, as well as the Fête des Lumières, also a four-day mild festival occurring each 8th of December.

What to Watch in 1 Day in Lyon, France

As you would expect, becoming to Lyon from anywhere could not be simpler. For the journey, you might opt to go to the capital, leave your vehicle in the safe vehicle parking Edinburgh airport offerings and touchdown in Lyon just more than two hours afterwards.

Whilst Lyon is a opulent city, there’s more to it than its affluence.

Although you may enjoy browsing in the stores and chowing down into its various nice restaurants, you will find plenty of passageways that are furtive, secret alleys and courtyards waiting to be discovered — but what exactly will you find there?

The passageways in Lyon are known with Passage Thiaffait one of many dotted around the city. Although you can research a melting pot of fashion, style and jewellery-making built in the early 1800s, silk-weavers used the passing.

What to Watch in 1 Day in Lyon, France

Lyon is a city which lends itself to sauntering on foot or putting round on a bicyle — and also one of the best places to visit is Parc de la Tête d’Or, also a beautiful park located a boating lake and a zoo (which can be free to enter). There you’ll discover a host of other creatures, pandas and zebras.

It’s no secret that Lyon enjoys a worldwide reputation for its gastronomic delights, so make certain to check a Lyonnaise bouchon out . You are on to a winner, if you’re a fan of beef and cheeses.

Have you ever visited Lyon?  What other attractions do you add to our list? Tell us exactly what areas of this city our subscribers simply must visit by leaving a comment below!

What to Watch in 1 Day in Lyon, France