Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kristine Agabaian out of Kris Chérie

During this Celebrity Travel Addicts Q&A we meet lifestyle and fashion blogger Kristine Agabaian from Kris Chérie.  Learn how this  Armenian-American got addicted to why Paris and all things French will always be her city.


How did your passion for traveling get started?

I would say my enthusiasm for traveling when I had been that the West Coast Window Dresser for ZARA began, and I was constantly traveling to various locations weekly, although I loved the notion of traveling.  

Just how many days/weeks are you currently traveling in any given year? What are the sorts of places do you like to see?

I used to traveling and be gone 3 months out of the month.  I’ve toned it down today and traveling after a month or once every other month for approximately a week. Occasionally more determined by work.  

What is it that you want viewers to gain/ learn from your job?

I would like my audience to experience what I have experienced that I produce. And I would like my job. And I say that because I need people to link to what I talk and not feel like it’s impossible to do the same and out of reach. I would like my audience to be inspired enough to want to do the same!  

Name your top 3 destinations you have traveled?

My top 3 destinations are Paris, Venice and Maui.

Give us your’Top 5′ list for one of these destinations, like a list of sorts


How many countries have you visited up to now?

The destination I chose is Paris. Here’s a mini guide for all the must-see’s/do

Your best three favourite restaurants?

The list May go on, However I will include one last one:

Favorite restaurant on the planet?

I’ve visited a total of 8 different countries.

Your favourite traveling film?

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kristine Agabaian out of Kris Chérie

Favourite global airport?

I’m Armenian so Middle Eastern Cuisine is about the top of the list.

My other two are Western Cusine (I will eat an infinite quantity of sushi and ramen), and French cuisine (a number of the best restaurants in the world are located in France).

City using the most friendly people?

My favourite restaurant is truly located here in Los Angeles. It is a sushi restaurant in Toluca Lake called”Sushi Yuzu.”

Your favorite traveling companion?

Midnight in Paris

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kristine Agabaian out of Kris Chérie

When traveling Very best method you kill time?

London Heathrow

What is the most exotic location you have been taken by your career?

I would have to say Italy.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kristine Agabaian out of Kris Chérie

Your piece of traveling tips for someone who is about to set out on a lifetime of traveling?

My boyfriend, Jivan.

What are without?

Do work on my laptop or read.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kristine Agabaian out of Kris Chérie

What is your dream destination?

Most of the places have been metropolitan places, so I would have to say the most exotic was Maui.

Your favourite traveling quotation?

Love every second of it and then take a whole lot of images!

You currently residing back in LA, for somebody who’s considering traveling there how can you describe it?

My phone, camera, and bottled water, my skincare products.

Where to next?

I been fascinated with Croatia so I would have to say Croatia.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Kristine Agabaian out of Kris Chérie

“Traveling — it renders you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” — Ibn Battuta

I’m currently Located in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is so diverse and such a city, so there’s undoubtedly a good deal to do and see. And it’s all likely to do cause the weather is always wonderful!

I would like to see a place I have not been like Croatia, as well as Armenia, although I’m always looking to go to Paris! My family is from there so it would be great to see my origins.

Launched in 2015, Kris Chérie was created as my own personal outlet where I can connect and discuss my own style, enthusiasm, and vision with like-minded people. Physically located in Los Angeles, emotionally living in Paris — Kris Chérie is an LA girl with Parisian sensibilities. A thoughts can be expressed in many ways, so what better way to showcase that than through a blog.   Kris Chérie is a stage for rough go-getters and observing a dream, so come as you are and enjoy the ride. Follow Kristine around Facebook and Instagram.