Tenerife Tours: A Terrific Way to Explore the Island

Tenerife is a exciting island in the Canaries. A great way to get around is to simply just take two or a single of tours or its own numerous trips during your stay — they arrive at a sensible price and regularly with dinner included.

Tenerife Tours: A Terrific Way to Explore the Island

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There are many places at which you could use as your gateway to a fun-filled holiday one of the hotels in Tenerife, to remain on the island.

One such service that provides a Very Helpful ticket around the island is dubbed as the’Ultimate Tenerife Ticket’ (including free burger) — this ticket Gives You the following:

Both Loro Parque and Siam Park are Excellent for the Families.

Tenerife Tours: A Terrific Way to Explore the Island

Loro Parque is a Zoo where you can watch animal displays, visit giant tortoises, gorillas, seahorses and more animals. Siam Park is, according to Trip Advisor. It amazing vibrant gardens and homes incredible sceneries motivated by Thai-style design. The park includes adventure and slides, all encapsulated at the scenery for and slow rivers. You will feel like you’re at some sort of film!


With your loved ones out catered for, this ticket is essential. But, that is not the picture. You may select from many more activities and tours. One bizarre and fantastic approach to explore the island is on a Segway (this is really a is a two-wheeled electric automobile used to travel across cities and towns ). The Segway is self-balancing and its title comes from the word”segue” which literally signifies”follows”. The scooter uses gyroscopes to remain upright and can be controlled from the way in which the rider leans via the handlebar. You are able to seek the services of a Segway from Puerto de la Cruz on the portion of Tenerife as a guide introduces you to history and the people of Puerto de la Cruz, to relish an excursion. Groups are limited to six people a guide, ensuring a experience.

Whilst on your Segway, tug in your helmet and listen to a brief safety orientation to get you comfortable with the basics of how to work it. Once you’ve got it, just follow your guide and glide through town on this exciting route to see the Garden Beach at Punta Brava, Saint Philip’s Castle, the area of La Ranilla, fishing harbour, the Martiánez Coast pool Complex, the palm tree promenade, the church of Nuestra Señora de la Peña de Francia, and the famed Plaza del Charco. This is sightseeing for the new era!

There is A tour the’ La Laguna, Taganana and Teresitas’ trip. This trip will see you pay a stop by to the historical city of La Laguna (once the capital of Tenerife). The trip then takes you on through Las Mercedes forest, and you’ll find your way to the enchanting fishing village of Taganana, where you are able to dip your feet into the stunning white sands of Las Teresitas — a synthetic beach constructed in the 1970s with sand in the Sahara, maybe one of Tenerife’s best-kept secrets. Whilst Taganana is a wonderful way to explore wineries and traditional stone homes, you can stop there for a spot of supper of freshly-caught fish or some other local dishes that are wondrous.

There are, of course, all the typical suspects for excursions on Tenerife, including dolphin and whale viewing, researching Mount Teide and the Observatory (stargazing in the vantage point), the Jeep rides, and a visit in a submarine or visits for wine-tasting. But one not to be overlooked is that the La Gomera excursion, where you can experience the joy of Garajonay National Park, the area of San Sebastian, and the tasteful vista of the Roque de Agando.

If you’d like a holiday with a difference, do take a look at the tours on Tenerife, that you might find something a little more unusual to your own tastes. Do not always feel pressed because there is a saying, which the road is worth — to decide on the mainstream excursions . Reach out, branch out, and do your own research. You might find that Tenerife has a whole lot more to offer than you first thought.