Scottevest Giveaway Winners Announced


Scottevest Giveaway Winners Announced

Thank you to everybody who participated. 


The lucky winners are: Kristy McCoy and Tom Owens.


Scottevest Giveaway Winners Announced

What’s This All About?

Davidsbeenhere is pleased to host a special giveaway with my official sponsor, Scottevest Travel Clothing. I’ve been traveling for the previous few months together along with my fiance via Galicia, Spain and we cannot get enough of our Scottevest coats. They’ve been keeping us warm and toasty in this very rainy, cold weather. We’re giving out 1 men’s Puffer Jacket and 1 women’s Lola Jacket to 2 contestants. They’re excellent for any weather ranging in the 40’s to 60’s.

Why Are They So Amazing?

Because of the POCKETS!

The Lola matches camera, wallet, passport, Kindle, pens, your keys change, as well as your lipstick and includes 16 pockets. The Puffer includes 19 pockets for all of the traveling essentials. I take even camera, passport, wallet, keys, sunglasses, and my I-phone. However, you could also fit water bottle an I-Pad, pencils, and anything else you may need for an action-packed moment. Both the Puffer and the Lola have patented pockets developed to thread through your earphones. It makes listening to audio on the move the most easy it has every been. Both have a design and arrive in colours that are attractive.

X-Ray Puffer

Scottevest Giveaway Winners Announced

X-Ray Lola

Scottevest Giveaway Winners Announced

Why We Love Them.

As we’re continuously moving and having these fashionable, lightweight coats helps to keep us organized, but not feeling bulky. They fit almost anything you could need while vacationing. They are particularly convenient for transferring through airports and areas that are crowded because all your items are 100% protected.

So, How Can You Enter the Contest?

Scottevest Giveaway Winners Announced

It’s so easy, it’s silly. All you have to do is

Scottevest Giveaway Winners Announced

1. Share this post on either you Facebook or Twitter (on both would be fantastic too!)

Scottevest Giveaway Winners Announced

2. Send a screen shot of your post so that I can verify you have submitted to

3. Make it unique! Make your post funny, fascinating, etc.. telling us why you want a coat or why you think it’s just plain amazing.

You can enter as many times as you like. In the end, the most original, exceptional share will win, but keep in mind to send the screen shot(s).

Contest Ends:

April 7, 3:00pm EST.. We will announce the 2 winners on April 9th.

Check out a number of our traveling pics at Galicia!