11 Islands You Must See

The Greek isles have everything. There are numerous island chains go to one to take into account for your shores see or jump into several! Each island owns local cuisine, its geographical charms and culture to discover. Here’s a look

11 Islands You Must See

Saronic Islands

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Hydra is a enchanting and small island that’s a popular weekend escape for Athenians for great reason.  In one hour or so through a Quick ferry from Piraeus (Athens main port), you will find yourself in the picturesque cobbled paths of Hydra’s port city.   What makes Hydra unique is it’s the only Greek island where other vehicles and automobiles are prohibited.

Cycladic Islands


Ionian Islands


So, how do people get around?  Donkeys are readily available for hire!   In reality, donkeys and mules are the primary way of transportation for locals, and they are the perfect way to haul goods and heavy bags from 1 point to another.

Dodecanese Islands


Whether you research Hydra Town from the foot or riding a donkey, the amazing stone architecture and tranquil atmosphere of the island seem a universe away from the funding. There are jewellery stores and beautiful clothing across the harbor that’s lined with cafes perfect for people-watching relaxing and sipping on a coffee or drink. Small water heaters create stops across the island if you would like to experience its quite beaches.


There is a reason that Santorini stays at the top of the list for anyone islands see. It’s famous for being magnificent.  Insert the sunsets on ocean and its caldera which surrounds it and the views really are like nowhere else on the planet.


Santorini is a unique formation of steep cliffs created after a volcanic explosion rocked the land mass.  Whitewashed cubist homes and cascade down its slopes and then churches leading the pond. Tucked within these, are rooms, hotels and lavish suites inspired by traditional dwellings, sea-facing whitewashed rooms shaped from the rock.


The island is ideal for walks to enjoy the caldera opinion and pop in and from its stalls. Boating trips that set off round the caldera then to the island’s coastline are also popular.  As for beaches, Santorini has been home to a number of the most unique ones in Greece because of the volcanic history. The Red Beach features a cliff of amber and reddish tones — a contrast with the turquoise sea that is blue and green.  For history fans, exploring is the Akrotiri archeological site known as”the Greek Pompeii” is now an excellent glimpse into life around 1450 if the Minoan civilization was at its peak, which is, right before the volcanic eruption ruined it.


11 Islands You Must See

With its energy, jet-set that is seasonal and luxurious fashion, Mykonos remains one of the cosmopolitan islands on the planet. Gourmet restaurants comprise actress Greek and chefs. Its villas and hotels offer accommodation. The world’s top DJs spin at the shore clubs every summer. Hollywood celebrity sightings are typical.


Plus, its boutiques offer world-class shopping from vibrant village and the island’s most whitewashed.  However, Mykonos is not for the rich and famous.  The island has its own side that is traditional. It’s simple to find the island’s charms.  There are family run tavernas, wineries and beach restaurants with views.


The island has been blessed with beach alternatives for every taste ranging from those that desire jet-set audience a celebration crowd, a family atmosphere or just no one whatsoever around them. Also there is a must-see that the temple ruins on Delos, the sacred uninhabited island of the ancients.


Recently named”The Most Delicious Greek Island” from Conde Nast Traveller, Sifnos is the best destination to spend your Greek luxury vacations. The island is known for its community cuisine, made popular with local chef and famous cookbook author, Nicholas Tselementes. He adheres to traditional Sifniot cooking, which means utilizing terracotta casserole dishes which were produced on the island for decades.

Aside from the cuisine, the Sifnos has a very relaxing atmosphere. Stroll the funds of Apollonia and the capital of Kastro — both whitewashed villages with all the charm you’d come to expect from the islands. The shores of Vathy, Platys Gialos, and Chrissopigi are all idyllic places to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean waters. Besides the Monastery of Panagia Chrissopigi and the Seven Martyrs’ Church, there isn’t much else in terms of sightseeing.

The best part?  Sifnos is three hours by ferry from Athens by catamaran or five hours.

11 Islands You Must See

Though Paros has its very own regular summertime guest list of A-list actors like Tom Hanks (who owns a Parian villa), Paros retains to its very own authentic vibe.

11 Islands You Must See

It’s shadowed tavernas, a booming art community and amazing churches to research. Its landscape is dotted with whitewashed windmills homes, an ancient principal city and bustling harbors that were small.

People who adore Naxos really love it.  Some say the property exudes a special energy, and that is 1 reason why the island was chosen by the Greeks as a cultural center.  The striking Portara, also a massive marble doorway frame, dating back to ancient times, sits among ruins within an islet near Naxos Town. It is an excellent site. The Portara was when the doorway to a temple which was to be dedicated to the Greek God Apollo.

Being that it is the greatest island at the island chain, it’s also where ancient sites, beautiful beaches, charming villages, excellent food, shopping and nightlife is found in abundance. The main city is Named Hora or even Naxos Town and it is a pleasure to just”get lost” from its own magical alleys in which you’ll find cafes, restaurants, restaurants and stores.   A day trip away from Hora takes you to beautiful beaches and hiking trails that are beautiful. Also, villages like Chalki and Apiranthos are worth pottering in each and every day.   Naxians are also quite proud of the local products. That’s because Naxos produces a wealth of citrus fruit, grapes, figs, olives, corn and berries also is more fertile than most of the other islands.  Local products like kitro or citron liqueur and varieties of Naxian cheese are all worth a go!

Serifos is a island perfect for people who are searching for a classic, scenic and calm atmosphere. It’s a island known for its historical mining websites. During a hike through Mega Livadi, then you’ll get a glimpse into the past as you walk around train paths, rusted and abandoned mining carts and even bridges. All of them remain out in the open, a nod to its former culture. Everything stays a fitting addition to the island’s most arid and wild land features.

Serifos is well known with glorious beaches which have not been touched by hotel development or any sort of development whatsoever. Locals like it like that. Meanwhile, its Hora or main town is just one of the most unique in the islands. It is built right a rocky mountain that where the walls of a 15th century Venetian castle still stand.  A walk into the hill’s top opens up into the panoramic views of the ocean and the island. A walk back down among and through  the narrow streets of the top and lower Hora provide you past the whitewashed cubed homes of the island and to its charming squares where little stores, restaurants and cafes.

11 Islands You Must See

Zakynthos, or Zante from Italian, is a Ionian island off the coast of Greece with one very shore, turquoise waters and also a rocky coastline. The Shipwreck Beach, or navagio could only be achieved by ship and is believed to be one of the beaches in the world. Additionally, a shipwreck sits on a stunning white rocky shore that contrasts beautifully from an sea — all set against a background of dramatically steep rocky deserts.

11 Islands You Must See

The notorious resort of Laganas is the most important party city on the island. However, the natural wonders of Zante are just as large as an attraction for visitors.  Two species telephone the sea turtle, house and the monk seal.  The island’s landscape is rich with natural wonders including the Blue Caves, Keri Caves and stretches of sandy shores.  For the traveler, Zante presents rich local cuisine and is known for its olive oil, local wines and also Greek cheeses.

11 Islands You Must See

An island filled with lush slopes and filled up with scenic bays , kefalonia, is an island to the explorer. The landscape is known for Myrtos Bay that’s shores surrounded by dramatic cliffs and a swirl of turquoise colors. The island is dotted with picturesque villages including Fiskardo and Assos. One of the highlights of the island contains the phenomenon that’s Drogarati Cave.

Take a boat ride to research Melissani Lake and its own cave where you can slip between partitions of sparkling stalactites and stalagmites. Additionally terrific to research is Mt. Ainos, the only mountain range on a Greek island. There horses roam sea views are anticipating around the bend onto its own many hiking trails.   Its shores are stunning. Both locals and visitors love to spend their summer days at Platis Gialos, Petani, Myrthos, Xi, Scala and Antisamos, along with other shores.

11 Islands You Must See

Since in Homer’s Odyssey, Ithaca has symbolized one’s return for their own cherished house Located just two kilometers northeast to the much bigger island neighbor Kefalonia, Ithaca is one of the smallest from the Ionian island chain making it the ideal escape for anyone seeking a small island in which everything is simply relaxed. This Ithacan scenery is comprised of green hills dipping into small secluded bays.

Beaches range from sandy to rocky with a few more while others remain unaffected as nature intended. The island has trails. The key city of ithaca is named Vathi. It is home to the Maritime and Folkloric Museum as well Concerning Ithaca’s Archaeological Museum of the island. Cities are worth exploring including Perahori because of its views. The village of Stavros is still yet another archaeological museum exhibiting a clay mask.

One of the Greek islands that you need to see is the largest of the Dodecanese islands. Surrounded by aquamarine waters, Rhodes is a culture vulture’s dream escape using its 13th-century ramparts and the Palace of the Grand Masters.  Various civilizations have settled the island throughout time that’s apparent in its architecture.

11 Islands You Must See

Its most impressive ancient site is the Lindos Acropolis where a donkey can assist you up 292 measures — in case you prefer to not grow up.  The beautiful village surrounding it is lined with historic homes known as captains’ homes dating back to the 16th century.

11 Islands You Must See

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11 Islands You Must See